VanLife in Southern California

Hi everyone! Aaron here. Brand new to this, so diving in. My dog and I live in my 95 GMC Vandura in Los Angeles. Lots of time spent by the ocean.

Hey Aaron, Welcome. I’m on the other side of the country and also a newb. Seems like helpful folks around here.

Not that long ago there was a student wanting to find a vanlifer as a
subject to do a documentary on van life. If you wanna be a star…

Imagine my chuckle when reading this. Very interesting that you write me these words, my man. I didn’t mention in my previous paragraphs that I am an Actor. On my third year, I am working in the industry as of now, so starring in a vanlife documentary is quite fitting. So I’m interested in hearing more. Email me aaron.clark777(at)Gmail(dot)com (it wouldn’t let me put my email in)

And thanks for the welcome!

Hey Aaron,

I imagine your chuckle was similar to mine just now! Use the search box here for “Filming Documentary”. It’s only been a few days since he first posted. Van_Dweller chastised him a bit and I might’ve piled on a little. You can read for yourself. I wasn’t tryin’ to be mean, just tryin’ to entertain myself a bit.

It seemed to me as if the aspiring film maker was sincere; but didn’t really come across that well.

I hope the Ken Burns wannabe didn’t get chased off. My guess is that the individual is hopeful someone like you and so will be checking the topic regularly for awhile.

That’s awesome you are working in the industry. If you can talk about it, what are you doin’?

Once upon a time I tried to break into the porn industry as a lesbian trapped in a man’s body; but that was before identity politics was popular and Ron Jeremy got the job instead of me.

Lemme know what happens please. Good luck.

Interesting, I’ll look out for that documentary. And yeah yeah, it was a positive chuckle on my end. Because I keep getting more and more of the industry talk landing in my space. Chuckling at the synchronicity.

Yeah absolutely, right now I’m working on a voiceover. It’s a soap opera audio drama. Titled Forever and a Day.

Ha! The porn/Ron Jeremy reference. I just learned maybe four or five months ago that that dudes in prison. Damn.


To be clear, he wants to make a documentary, it ain’t made yet. He started the topic 2/20/21. He’s in the LA/Malibu area. Looks like a match made in heaven…

…unless it’s fire season out there. Then it’ll look like a match made in Hades. (I don’t wanna get dinged for writing ‘hell’).

So, are you following the stereotypical script by working as a waiter while waiting on your big break?

I hope you don’t mind the inquiry. I think it’s great you chasin’ the dream.

Take a lesson from Mr. Jeremy: remain humble when you make it and don’t feel entitled.

Aaron, My bad. The topic was actually started last year. Not this year.

Ah! No, for some reason that wasn’t clear. So thank you for laying that out! LOL. I found a thread and I did message her. Let’s see if she replies

Nope, I do not mind the inquiry. And I am not working as a God blessed waiter. I did do that job years ago, but not in LA. Oil filter deliveries and some personal training keeps me afloat right now.

No doubt, Mr. Jeremy certainly did not keep himself humble. I’ll tell you what though, moving through traumas from my past and living the van life certainly DOES. This industry is not unlike any other, really. If one loves the actual Acting work, then it’s easy to consistently continue. At that point, simply put in the time and the results will manifest sooner or later. Simple physics. I see it as cause-and-effect. It only stops working if I stop working.