Vandora, Our '97 GMC Savana 2500 Cargo Van


We finally made the plunge!!

Meet Vandora…(Think Pandora’s Box).

We purchased her from a private seller, a very nice gentleman in a tiny town. Everything checked out during the test drive, she had a newly rebuilt engine, and we fell in love almost immediately. Apparently she was a bit more nervous about our new relationship, as she spilled her guts in the middle of the DMV parking lot about 30 minutes after purchase. Flooded the area with coolant and oil, and almost sent me into a panic attack.

Thankfully, the gentleman who sold it to us was willing to drive out and take a look. He fixed the radiator hose and replaced a bearing whose o-ring had popped. An hour later, we very hesitantly went into the DMV to finish the paper work.

We knew there had been some sort of issue with the original title, but we were assured over the phone and in person by the DMV and seller that it wouldn’t be an issue. What we didn’t know is that the second owner had died mid sale, so the title was lost. That explains the murder looking spot in the back of the van…

We have had her for about two weeks now, and everything is going well. I’ll swing over to the build page to document our progress with her, but thought we ought to get introductions out of the way!

Can’t wait to share our journey with you!


That’s an awesome name!


You guys got crazy lucky with the seller. Some people would sell you the van knowing it was faulted, and then not reply after the sale. Glad to hear that things worked out!

good luck with the build. Looking forward to following along :blush: