Hello and thanks for putting this together. We are Jennifer and Guillaume of @VanagonVentures.

We purchased a falling-apart 1987 Syncro GL last year with a pop-top conversion, an odometer stuck at 275,000 miles, a body riddled with rust and a 2.2 subie engine that had an oil drinking problem. The engine has since then been rebuilt (twice since the first seized at the shop) and is running strong. The van is now in Tijuana thanks to Shane of LiveTheVanLife for a full body rust repair, repaint and reupholstery.

Hopefully it won’t be too long until we can start traveling further and further with our reconditioned van!


You should post a before and after pic on here. Would love to see how it looks in the end!


Good idea! Here’s a before.

Link to rust photos can be found a few replies below


Ahh… now I’m excited to see the after!!


Not as much as we are :wink:


Did you put your website in your profile?


Did you put your website in your profile?

I did not @MinnieMay9. The only Vanagon specific website we have is just our instagram page so far, which is what is listed on our profile.
I’m a photographer so I have an unlisted gallery on my own website to share things like these rust photos and it can only be accessed through a link. However it looks like I can now share links: