Van purchase for newbies


Hello all. Wife and i are committed to getting a van for weekend getaways with the dog and cat as well as extended vacation time (up to 2 weeks at a time). The big thing is i don’t have time for building it out myself. So does anyone know where the best place to search for a non bank breaking van is? I’m on the east coast of the US and would be fine with a used van. Any used van sites that anyone knows of?

Looking for conversion van or camper



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Craigslist is the best resource I know, if you give a closer location and how far you’re willing to travel, I’ll see what I can find for you.

Have you considered a Class C? Might be better for you…


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Class C would absolutely work. I’m in Virginia but willing to go anywhere along the east coast to get he right one


Facebook marketplace can also have some options that don’t hit craigslist.
The other option is scrolling through Instagram. There are often people selling fully converted vehicles there. What is your price range?