Van or Pullable home? why would a van be better or not as good?

To me it seems like a pullable home is a better option even though I like the idea of just a van and maybe a good electric bike more.

Does having a van that has its own motor and parts that could need repair or maintenance/ only having the van to travel cause issues or is there some benefit that I am not considering because it seems like using a pullable/towable home or trailer or some kind of non-motarized home might be better because of less maintenance of the engine on your home since if the engine malfunctions on the van you would be unable to switch or would be stuck with it since it is your home. with a pullable, it seems like if your motor (the vehicle you pull it with) malfunctions, you could get something else to pull it and the home would last longer and you could travel away from the towable home if needed.

What are people’s opinions on this especially people who are living in vehicles and what is a good way to not have the engine in your home be a problem or be better off towing?


Towing is a pain for many people, others it may not bother.

I prefer an all in one, van, bus, motorhome etc. Just easier than pulling a trailer, plus that gives me the option of pulling a trailer for other reasons, like a boat, other toys, maybe a load of stuff for a flea market or other event, or maybe a mobile workshop or other business.

It all boils down to just personal preferences.


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