Van/ mobile home license requirements in UK / Europe


Hi - a quick question. I’m heading to the Uk in a few months and looking to buy a small truck to convert for living and traveling in. I’m looking at options on Gumtree from here in NZ before I hit the ground. My question: Is there a limit restriction as to the weight that I can drive on a normal car license? In NZ you can only drive a vehicle up to 3.5Tons (when loaded!) on a car license and need a HT license for more than this. Cheers


In Portugal 3500kg is the limit, and you can stop everywhere you want for 24h limit.


Maybe consider contacting a insurance company or a lawyer and asking them. Because I’m sure this is different for each city.

If someone on here in NZ sees this and has the answer, im sure they will help you out.


In belgium, and I think in all over Europe, normal (class B) license is for everything below 3500kg (max weight) and up to 9seats.

from 3500kg to 7500kg you need for trucks a C1 and for busses (more than 9seats) D1 license

for 7500kg + you need regular C license for trucks and regular D license when more then 9 seats (busses)

normally for commercial use you need to pass extra tests each year for C1, C, D1, D but if you only drive for non commercial use those are not needed :slight_smile: