Van Life in the UK questions?

Hi all,

So I am new here and I am thinking of starting a new adventure in the Van Life univers. I have always wanted to travel and using a converted van to live in, what could be best.

Although this is something I would like to do , I have many questions and queries as this is all new for me and I would like to make sure I do it properly.

A little background from me, I am 33 years old and arrived in the UK 12 years ago. I am a Nurse (although unemployed at the moment, and I am looking to start my adventure by travelling around the United Kingdom. I have looked at van conversion for some times now and although I would love to make my own conversion, I don’t really have either the tool the place and the time do it. So I have decided to go with a va already converted (and maybe in the future I will think of building my own). I have not bought my van yet as I would like to make sure to get the right one.

The first question I have is regarding having an address/place of living. Like some people I have decided to do this to stop having to pay a rent every month (that takes a lot of my pay every month) so I was wondering how people do when doing administrative paper and they are asked for there address (and even more when they are asked for a proof of address. I am asking because I am French and do not have the UK nationality so would need someway to prove I live in the UK (as they are asking for renewing my passport). I hope this makes sens…

I was also wondering regarding parking as I suppose you can not park anywhere with a Van to spend the Night or even just for the time to have a walk or something else. So I was wording how people do in the UK, where do they Park? Is there fees to pay to be able to park in some places?

I would also like to ask if there is any website or any books that could be helpful for people like me (Newbies) that are starting in the Van Life univers?

Thank you for your help.