Van Insurance / Storage Unit Insurance help

Van lifer, no renter or home owner - Insurance Q:

What personal property insurance coverage is best for van life traveling (digital and other) nomads?

I travel at times for work with expensive camera and digital gear, and need these covered against theft, damage from vehicle break in as well as when the equipment is with me outside of van, and in storage unit.

Recently had some valuables stolen.

When not on jobs my valuables are kept in a storage unit or a friends place and I’m ultra paranoid of theft.

Is this insurance coverage best through :
•Vehicle insurance
•Equipment Insurance
•Business insurance (self employed)

or….is this through multiple insurance policies? Or just one that does it all?

Approximately $50k value total (includes storage property not all in the van lol) but with a deductible that isn’t higher than the value of any item to make it not worth it.

Any tips are GREATLY appreciated!!

Call some insurance agents. They should be able to answer those questions.

(Don’t call major insurance “help” lines. Contact a living breathing insurance agent in the town where you are.)


look for insurance quotes. Compare and choose one.