Van-dog eats wires

The dog makes a terrible copilot. She got underneath and chewed some wires and now the van cranks, stays that way for a few minutes, then dies suddenly. I attached some pictures. It’s a '92 Vandura Rally and I appreciate anyone that takes the time to assist me.
She also chewed up her own van seat.

A second photo.

Greetings & Welcome!

Boy, that’s RUFF… (Pun intended)

Many people combat mice & rats chewing up their wires, can you break the pooch of their bad habits?


“Everything should be made as simple as possible." ~ Einstein

Unfortunately, the pup had to be rehome. But now she has a fenced yard to run around in.

Could I get a manual for the van that would show me exactly what those wires are used for?

Go to and join their free rewards program, which will give you free access to electrical diagrams for your vehicle. Not the easiest to navigate but all the manuals and drawings and such are there for free. Just sign up, enter your vehicle, and click on vehicle repair guides to get to the stuff you need.


he has this bad habit usually pet doing these kind of bad habbits.