Van Delivered Today - Excited to Start - But - there are Questions

My van (2014 Mercedes Benz 3500, 170 ext, dually, 35,900 miles) was delivered today and I got some real measurements - and was able to take a closer look at the interior.

In great news, discovered today that this guy is a 5-ton beast that can carry slightly over 12,000 pounds vehicle + load. (There had been some confusion because certain models in Europe were never released in the U.S. and also Euro models have two VINs - which didn’t work quite right in the MB Vin decoder websites).

So, the buildable space in the back is 16’ + a few inches. The dealer told me I should “cut out” a step at the sliding door…but, since there is no passenger seat - I think I’d rather not cut out the step and have a continuous surface across the van and not lose those 6"-8" of floor space. The right passenger door is literally 6 inches away - with plenty of room - so, don’t see the point in cutting up the floor. Without the passenger seat - the “foyer” is fine… :wink:

The skylights/hatches are 40.5" x 22" external rim to rim. They can open - the dealer was able to do that - but it’s been a while since they were routinely opened - and I can’t figure out how to open them. I am trying to figure out from their website whether they can be retrofitted with fans. There are black handles on the short ends - but I can’t find a lock or mechanism that lets you open them.

I thought the wood on the walls and ceiling was too cheap and flimsy to leave on the walls and ceiling - and that they would need to be pulled out. But after looking at them up close - I actually think the walls are going to work.The van is only 66" wide, down from the standard 70.5 - but that’s ok. There’s obviously space between the van exterior wall and the wood and the wood is better quality than I thought. The “waviness” in the pictures was due to a poor paint job, not to the wood itself. It’s not the absolute best in terms of ply - but I think it is sturdy enough to serve as a base with some appropriate reinforcement. Only concern is rust - what if something is lurking behind the walls???

Question about the white box that all Sprinter seats seem to “sit” on: From what I could see from a peek in - it looks like some sort of fuse box or . . .???

Because of the dually wheels, the interior wheel wells are - well - “doubly” as well. 15" x 36"!

This weekend I start cleaning it up…it’s been sitting and is a little grimy - but nothing awful. I think I have some time and money-saving things going for me here and all in all - I’m very happy with this guy.



The wheel wells are no big deal, they’re either under cabinets or under the bed…

I would probably imagineer a way to mount electric radiator fans combined with an in/off/out switch and a motor speed controller for your roof vents, with screens of course.

Not having to replace the interior walls/ceiling is a HUGE plus! I often use toggle bolts when the back side is inaccessible. Beats the heck out of an R&R job.


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I think the wheels are more important. Well, according to your characteristics, the car is okay. It’s a beast. I’m looking for mercedes benz rims for mine, too, so they can handle just about anything. I’m also researching design and material options to keep up with all the improvements being made to the cars they’re going to equip. Next I’ll move on to other parts and make a dream car.