Van Conversion Water System Recomendations

Hello! This is my first post so, If I break any rules apologies in advance!
Looking at designing my water system for my van conversion.
Currently looking at having and ‘kitchen’ tap.
From what I’ve found, I can see two ways that make sense to go about this, just sort of curious which is best from experience!

So, I’ve seen pressurized pumps or regular pumps.

I could waffle theory about this all day, but the general principles are;
a pressurized pump with a regular tap, or faucet.


A regular 12VDC pump (not pressurized) and a faucet.

I’m not sure if there are any compounding pressurized benefits of having a pressurized pump and a faucet?
Which of the examples would have more instant delivery from the water system I’m not sure so,
Any advice or input is appreciated!

Greetings & Welcome!

I have chosen no plumbing, and consequently no freezing problems… I use plastic dishpans for sinks, and trigger spray bottles for water delivery, both from a dollar store. This method works both indoors & out, is very water frugal, and no duplication is needed. Cheap, simple, & easy for the win.

My shower, and basically my whole setup uses the same principle: Cheap, simple, & easy, without compromising on comfort, convenience, safety, or reliability.


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IMO I like the 12v pumps w/ the pressure switch so soon as you turn the faucet the pump automatically turns on. They are also self priming. SureFlo and Flojet are 2 popular ones. They are powerful enough to use for a shower, I even use mine to wash the van. I kept my tank ,6 gal, portable so I can take it out and fill it anywhere. I used red trace hose for all the plumbing. Marine Stores carry them, they are commonly known as washdown pumps in the marine industry. My Better Half thought it was a waste of time now she thinks it is one of the best projects I did. We use it all the time when we travel, just find a beach, go for a swim, come back to the van and rinse off……back in the road again! A trick I learned is to leave the water tank in the sun for the day for a nice HOT shower.


The problem with these pumps is that keep the lines pressurized, which helps lead to leaks, then when a leak occurs, they will empty your whole tank, flooding your rig. All it takes is one time forgetting to turn off the switch, and too many people never turn off their switches.

For the most part I try to stay non-electric whenever possible, to conserve battery power, and to keep things as simple and foolproof as possible. Besides trigger spray bottles, I use a modified hand pump weed sprayer if I want pressurized water like for a shower, to wash my rig, etc.

There are times that I want a portable powered water delivery system suitable for showers, car washing, etc. For those cases, I have a battery powered Craftsman weed sprayer that costs under $10 and is available online or a Lowes. It can be used with any container, and will shoot a 20 foot stream, and is adjustable like a garden nozzle. It can also be used to fill a container from a water source.


If you’re happy with your set-up, that’s great, and certainly an option. I just want to make people aware that there are many options available. For some of us, frozen pipes can be a frustrating and potentially expensive reality, which is the reason that I opt for no plumbing to freeze.


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