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Hello, I have just started my first van rebuild, 2019 RAM ProMaster. I’m a newbie at this so learning as I go. Does anyone have a recommendation for a side awning? I’m looking for something that will attach to the side of the van with stabilizing poles hooked to the van side. Can’t have poles on the ground as I have dogs and they wrap their cords around those poles all day long. Also, recommendations for AC unit.

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Rather than an awning, we just sit on the shady side of the van. No setup necessary.

AC is harder & will require either a generator or shore power. I prefer swamp coolers, which use basically no more power than just a fan, and are just as effective.


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@Kevin_Westhuizen Have you considered one of these or something similar?

I have been looking at one something like this for my van, although I think I may need to modify the mounting bracket in some way or have a bespoke bracket fabricated because of the high roof on my van.