Using the renogy DC-DC battery charger


I was wondering if anyone had any advice about the switches on the renogy DC-DC battery charger? I have found a lot of advice on the internet about charging lithium batteries specifically, but I am using it to charge an AGM 200 ah renogy battery. This part of the instruction manual is infamously confusing. I have currently: S1 and S2 off, for a 14.7 vswitchover voltage, S3 and S4 on, for 13.8 v float voltage, and S5 on for charging a lead acid battery (this is the only one I am very confident about). Mainly I do not see anything about “absorption charge” or “switchover voltage/constant voltage” on my battery’s spec sheet. Does anyone have insight/experience with using this dc-dc charger to charge an agm lead-acid house battery?

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14.4 & 13.8 sound right to me…


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I agree that 14.4 and 13.8 are correct. I can validate this is what I have my solar controller pushing. It’s also Renogy and the settings I use are the lead acid settings with the equalization charge turned off. These re 14.4 and 13.8.