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Enjoying, exploring and understanding nature has always been a huge passion of mine. I feel lucky every day that I can make this my job, as I work as a biologist/scientist at a University in Belgium. While I love my country, it has a high population density, and nature (although you can certainly still find many beautiful places) is very fragmented. It is hard to find places where you can hear no cars, or where you don’t encounter any buildings. Therefore, reading your stories about the van life made me super excited about trying it for myself. The idea to travel around in a country with vast nature reserves and being able to camp relatively comfortably almost anywhere in national forests (even though restricted by some rules) really appeals to me.

Therefore, I plan to visit the US West coast for 3 weeks with my girlfriend and travel around by van.
This is relatively very short compared to most stories and people on this forum, but I think for a first time, it’s perfect. My question to you is about rental companies. Can you recommend any in the US that are particularly good and affordable? I did some searching and found ‘escape camper vans’. It seems exactly what I would want (also with good insurance), but very pricy. Any recommendation, thought or comment would be really awesome!



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Not sure if these are affordable but I heard of boho vans…
But yea you’re right most of the rental companies i’ve seen are pretty expensive.

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Greetings & Welcome!

Here’s a place that lists 11 different places for camper van rentals:


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Thanks for the site!! Hadn’t seen that one yet!

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Wow, thanks! That is a great post, and most of those companies seem pretty good. Renting a van in Summer in the US seems to be quite expensive whatever the company though.

Indeed a great post i’ve bookmarked