Urban boondocker


Hello fellow wildones,

I’m Logan!

I’ve been living in an RV for over 2 years on the mean streets of West Los Angeles. I’m getting super sick of the city making the homeless ghettos smaller and smaller so I’ve decided to double down on this amazingly efficient, no bullshit lifestyle.

I’m currently doing some research on what van to buy, my ideal would be something under 7ft tall and 22ft long to avoid the no overnight parking signs that plague vehicle dwellers here. Thus far I really like what I’ve seen in promasters, but when it comes to finances I will probably want to do a buy/build total for a low as I can go. In my head I think 20k sounds reasonable and medium expensive. Correct me if I’m on the wrong track with that guess.

Current obsticle is getting rid of my 30ft 2007 jayco greyhawk to make room for the van and find some space to build it out.

Long term I’d love to have a van and explore cities for a few months at a time. I’m a bartender by trade so my work will keep me closer to civilization for a good part of the time.

Anyone in LA, I would loooooove to meet up and get a drink!

With love,


Hello There,
I lived in LA for 16 months between the back of my Prius and my converted Sprinter Van. One thing I will say is that West LA will really limit your options because everyone wants to be able there. It’s like having you cake and eating it too… the closer you get to the beach the harder! I lived around Pasadena and Monrovia during my time there. Monrovia had a super friendly spot for parking on the street. A really good incognito camper van would be a ford e350 or something to that effect. Not the definition of luxury but very stealthy. Best of luck to you! It’s a bummer that I just moved to Salt Lake City because I am selling my hightop Sprinter 3500 for about your budget, you could have easily taken a look at it two weeks ago! Such is life.



Under 7’ means no standing, but a comfy chair on wheels can really improve life. I bungee mine to the back of the passenger seat when driving.