Under-mounted Propane for Van

Hi all,

I’d like to install a propane tank beneath my van. Under-mounted (horizontal) tanks seem very hard to find right now.

I’m wondering, if I did a small 5# tank DOT, what is really the difference between carrying behind the van and beneath the van?

I know these kinds of tanks should be positioned upright for the pressure release valve to work properly. The tank I’m considering is 12.8" tall 8" wide. There’s plenty of room to mount it upright beneath the van while not going passed what you might consider the ‘guard rails’ where the van might bottom out. This would be only for transport. Would be removing to hook up to my stove while camping.

I have thought about doing a sealed box inside the van but there simply isn’t a whole lot of room, and I do feel nervous about the van heating up on a hot summer day and pressure release valve activating so I don’t like this option.

Could store on the back of the van but I’m frequently in cities where I would be concerned about people messing with it, also being incognito with the propane just feels better.

I feel like under the van for carrying would be the best all around option. It wouldn’t heat up as much from sun exposure outside the van, or being inside if it were mounted there. It’s incognito, plenty of ventilation… way cheaper than a horizontal tank and those tanks aren’t even available right now.

Am I missing something?

If this doesn’t work for some reason I’ll be transporting a couple 1# green tanks inside the vehicle for camping.

For some reason I’m thinking tanks beneath a vehicle are supposed to be ASME rated. I’m wondering is that because ASME is thicker metal or undercounted tanks are ‘permanent’ installs that don’t need to be re-certified as often as DOT tanks.

Mmmmm anyone know about this? Ideas? Thanks!