UK insurance for left-hand drive van


Me and my partner are planning to buy and convert a van in the new year.
We’re based in the UK (he’s English, I’m German), but we’re planning to primarily drive around Europe and potentially settle there in the future as well, so we’re thinking of getting a left-hand drive van.

We’re thinking of buying it in Germany and then driving it over to the UK. However, when trying to find out about insurance, the internet offers a wide and confusing range of answers, so I thought I’d check on here. :slight_smile:

  • Is there a huge difference in price when it comes to insuring a left-hand drive in the UK compared to a right-hand drive car/van?
  • If so, does anyone have experience with this and can tell me what the difference is roughly?
  • Are there any insurance companies you may recommend?

Thanks so much - really appreciate any advice.