UK Coastal Road Trip

Hi there, I’m new! My husband and I have just about finished fixing up our Mercedes 811D and are hoping to embark on a long road trip around the UK (pending covid restrictions). We would like to take our time and be on the road for 3 months and mainly taken a coastal route. We don’t want to be hitting big cities and the usual tourist places of interests with masses of people as we will also have our two lurchers travelling with us. Our vision is forests, beaches, small villages, wildlife/nature, wild swimming. I guess my question is, have anyone of you lovely people already completed a full UK trip like this and have a route? I am currently trying to plan it however a lot of the guides etc online include typical tourist things to do which is not what we want.

I’m not in the UK, based in the US, but you might check with some of the camping/caravanning clubs there to see if they have pre-mapped routes. We did the same thing in New Zealand last year and had a wonderful time. If there’s nothing available you could just spend some time poring over maps and searching the web to make your own custom trip.