Two older men starting a new adventure in life

This sounds so interesting that I am going to give it a try. :grinning:
My name is Dave and my cousin, John are starting a new phase in our lives and we are looking for buddies to meet on the road. Both of us have traveled together before when we were 18 yrs old. We drove around the USA in a van for over one and a half years together and we had a blast. We are hitting the road again in about a month.
We both sold our homes (waiting on the closings), we have bought a class A motor home and we are loading it up.
Hmmm! where to start? My Dad and a friend were born and raised in Rockford Ill. and when they turned of age, they threw a dart at a map and that is how my life got started.
Maybe I have to find a dart?
I would love to chat with you, and if anyone has any ideas that would surely be nice.
Please help us and give us some ideas.

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