[Tutorial] Switching to the Dark theme - aka, night mode

The Problem

If you’re viewing this forum at night, in dark places, or with the lights off you’re probably going to be hurting your eyes because of how bright everything is. I personally, just prefer the Dark theme over the Default one, even when it’s not necessary

That doesn’t sound too fun, and luckily for you here at ProjectVanlife were all about user experience :slight_smile:

The Solution

We created a dark theme (or night mode). And it can easily be enabled in you’re user settings. Although, since there are sooooo many features on this forum that can be hard to find as it’s buried somewhere in your user settings.

So, we will be showing you exactly how this can be done in this tutorial.

You can access it instantly by going to this link:

and changing the theme from ‘default’ to ‘dark

Or by following these steps

  1. Click on your avatar located in the top right beside the hamburger menu, and search icon

  2. Click on the gear/settings icon on the top right

  3. Click the ‘Account dropdown’ and select ‘interface’

  4. Under ‘theme’ you can then switch from Default to Dark (DON’T FORGET TO SCROLL DOWN AND CLICK SAVE)