Tucson-Zenvanz 144” Sprinter interior kit FOR SALE

I am selling a nearly complete Zenvanz kit for a 144” Sprinter. It includes the kitchen cabinet w sink/faucet, the toilet and toilet box, the wall and door panels, the ceiling slats, all the driver and passenger side wall cabinets, the bed rails, a really comfy 7” lightweight mattress, all the window coverings for rear, 1 side, windshield and front windows. Insulated.

The kit minus the ceiling and wall panels retails for $18k. The rest takes the price to roughly $28k. I am highly motivated seller so all I want is $11k firm.

If your van has insulation and electrical setup this kit will install using rivet nuts in factory cargo van holes without the need to drill holes in your van. It can shave weeks if not months off your build time. Load your van up in Tucson and take it up into the mountains and install it. See Zenvanz website for what it looks like in a van or send me your email and I will send photos. It is currently stored nicely in my shed.

The kit is really well made and nice. I ended up w a dog that has massive CRAZY ASS separation anxiety and so I am renovating the van to better allow for the ARMORED crate I have to have for her. This involves a different floor plan.

You will not be disappointed in this kit. It makes the van feel very warm and has tons of storage and room for a nice garage.


Hi. Is your zenvans kit still available?

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Yes. I am out of town until this coming weekend. I can show it to you starting on Sunday and after. Let me know if you want to see it.

Hi Ayavan,
I haven’t heard from you in a couple days, have you sold these things? If not please email me at rickandannablack at gmail. com No spaces, and the at symbol of course. :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone who had an interest. The kit is SOLD and going to a new home in WA state. Here’s to the intrepid adventurers taking on the overlander life w their new van conversion!!!