Trying to wrap my head around this idea helpp

hey all Jordan here, I’m trying to figure out if van life is doable for my life. So many questions, how do you even get started? What about all the building? I don’t have any experience in any building. Is it possible for anyone?

Greetings & Welcome!

Building your own is usually the worst and most expensive choice for newbies. I typically suggest a cheap, under $2500 factory camper van or small motorhome. That will minimize your risks when first starting out, and deciding if the lifestyle is even right for you. Cheap ones can be a little harder to find, but the rewards are huge. In older rigs, price has absolutely nothing to do with reliability, durability, or quality. Fantastic rigs can be found really cheap, especially this time of year.

Get something you’ll be happy with as is. You don’t want to remodel it, add solar, or anything else. It’s value is in keeping it stock. Try to get one with a generator if you’re not going to be staying somewhere with full hookups.


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