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I am interested in the van lifestyle and wanted to try it out to see if it is something I would like to consider. With my job and limited resources, I have the ability to rent a camper van in Denver this December. My main concern is the driving conditions. I live in Miami and am not used to driving in snow or mountains.

My question is: Is it foolish for a first time van trip to be in Colorado in December?

I would make a 5-7 day trip to various camping/hiking spots.

Bonus question: I am looking at KuKu Van rentals. Does anyone have any feedback on their vans and or service?

Thank you for the help. This forum has been a great help!

Hi there! As someone who has lived in Colorado during the winter (and even with experience driving in snow) I would recommend waiting until spring or summer to adventure out there. The main interstate is often closed due to snow, and driving a rig like a van with limited snow experience sounds like it would be more stressful than fun! I often found it stressful to get around, but I did live in a small ski town, so Denver might be different. Unless you are ready to throw chains on, and brave the snow and ice you might enjoy a place with less extreme weather. Colorado is beautiful, but if you have the option, maybe choose a location in the pacific northwest. We have limited snow out here, just a lot of rain! Hope that helps, and good luck!

Thank you for the advice Hailey. That is what I am worried about. I will look into other locations, including the NW.

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Yeah, I’m pretty much in the same boat, I’m from Florida too and have never lived anywhere that snowed more than an inch or two. That inch or two being the odd days out when I was stationed in North Carolina.

I’m planning on avoiding snow as well, or really any weather that doesn’t suit my desires. Really the only way I intend to end up in snow is one of two scenarios,

A - I’m with a group
B - I know that I’m staying put for the duration of it snowing

But at the moment, my Shuttle wouldn’t make it through a snowy winter, I’d end up freezing to death. XD

Greetings & Welcome!

As an extreme weather camper myself, I wouldn’t recommend it for a maiden voyage.

Florida has a lot of great camping opportunities, and in December, it’s a great place to get your feet wet.


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