Truma Combi Failure! Help!

Hi All,

My Truma combi 4e has started throwing a E603H error code which appears, from a bit of research, to be an overheating error. I have no idea how this has happened as I can’t recall a scenario that may have caused it but hey, it’s happened.

videos on youtube such as one title " Truma E632H Fault - Hard Reset" have him pushing a ‘hard reset’ button. But on my boiler I cannot fit a finger in the hole as on the video and pushing a screw driver or similar into the little hole i have doesn’t seem to find a button to push. just a big red circle that doesn’t move.

I am currently in Mexico and travelling down to South America where I really need the heat so Truma’s “contact a local engineer” is useless.

Any help, advice, thoughts, experience would be greatly appreciated.