Trucker Resources

I’ve been driving around in my van for a while, and I’ve noticed something that you’d think would be more obvious:

a) Commercial trucks stop all the time at weird places
b) Commercial trucks have mini living spaces at the back of the cab
c) Commercial trucks usually do a lot of long-haul

In particular, would anyone (ideally commercial truckers) know what trucker resources we could use?

I imagine they stop to sleep at rest stops (even though there’s technically an 8-hour limit); what other places are there to stop and sleep?
Would it be a good assumption that anywhere that isn’t private property and has a decent number of commercial trucks stopped there, I could just stay for the night?
If I pass by a truck just randomly parked somewhere at night, what’s the probability that there’s someone sleeping in there?


Cops give truckers, buses, motorhomes, RV’s, & obvious camper vans a lot more leeway than they give unmarked cargo vans. Unmarked cargo vans are associated with thieves and thugs, the same with unmarked box trucks.


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