Trouble finding lift kit

I have a 2wd 1995 gmc vandura (g1500). I like to camp in semi-remote places that require a little bit of finesse sometimes (for a 2wd vehicle). I just want a little bit more clearance, like 2-3 more inches. I’m having trouble finding any kind of lift for this vehicle. I’m wondering if anyone has done this and where they found their lift

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Lift kits only raise the body, not the lowest points of the vehicle. Bigger tires can actually raise the vehicle, but plays havoc with driveability and causes premature wear on other parts, throws your speedometer off, etc.etc.

I think careful driving combined with good recovery equipment is a better idea. A good ground anchor, towing strap, rope, a shovel, and a come-along can get you out of almost anything. You can wrap the tow strap around a drive wheel for a power winch.

If you’re doing a lot of off roading, put a skid plate under your engine and transmission to protect them.


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A body lift would only raise the body. A proper lift kit raises the chassis. I’ve lifted multiple vehicles I just can’t find a lift for my van