Trick for WiFi in the middle of nowhere

Hey guys! We know that a lot of digital nomads have questions on balancing being able to camp out in those beautiful secluded spots while also getting their work done they need to do, so we wanted to share our tips and tricks to make this work! (No, this is not sponsored in anyway, we just think it’s information everyone can benefit from!)

First and foremost, we have Verizon’s unlimited data plan. This helps us to hotspot our phones and give us WiFi whenever we need it.

But what about those times we don’t have enough cell service to be able to effective search the web? That’s where our weBoost cellphone booster comes into play! We have the Drive 4G-x (this specific device is the strongest AS WELL as allows you to use it AS you are driving – they do technically have a stronger one, but you can only use it when you are stationary, AKA you can’t be cruising down the highway and getting work done). The weBoost cannot create signal out of nowhere, but it can boost an existing signal. So if we have a sliver corner of service and turn on our booster, we can get full bars, hotspot our phone, and get to work! Granted, we can’t necessarily stream Netflix, but we can always get our online computer work completed with no problem.

There is also an app called Open Signal. This shows you a very detailed map of the exact kind of service you have and where. Imagine a weather radar with reds and greens, etc - it’s like that but with whatever cell provider you have. What we do is we use this map, and then we pull up and essentially overlay the maps! This way we can see what secluded areas actually have service or not! We have had some pretty unreal and private areas (like a lakefront property without another soul in sight, all to ourselves for the eclipse last year) AND are able to get mounds of work completed, too!

Hope this helps you all! We tend to be hermits a bit so this has probably been one of our greatest tricks for being able to score some unbelievably beautiful spots to enjoy just by ourselves AND get all of our work done. Take care and safe travels to you all!


This is some awesome info! We also use Verizons unlimited plan, but I had always wondered about signal boosters and if they were really worth it.


Very very useful info. I haven’t been able to make the android version show the map yet on the phone. I can get it on the PC. This too I will figure out. Thanks!


The cell phone boosters are a bit of an upfront cost, for sure - but at the same time, if you like being off in the woods AND being able to get your work done – we can NOT recommend them enough!

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This is great! Is it the 4g- otr truck, RV, or fleet? My guess would b the truck. Thanks!


It’s actually the Drive 4g-x! That specific one allows you to turn it on and work while moving. A lot of the times I’ll drive while my husband works or vice versa.

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Did you get carsick on the road while you work on something?

Wow what a great find this post is! I’ve been thinking about a booster and am happy to see this review and tricks to get the most of of it! Thank-you!