Traveling with two cats

Introduce Yourself…

hello from Tacoma, WA…

I found @project.vanlife and @vanlifesummit very helpful and giving me ideas how I can start my traveling once I have finished my education in June 2024.

My plan is to start save as much as I can between now and when I graduate, if I do not have enough to get the van that I want… I will convert my 2001 suburba into a home and start my traveling for my podcast Lets Talk About The Music.

I will also be traveling with my two cats, so if you one has any tips for me… Traveling either in a van or my suburba with my two fur babies. Please let me know.

I am VERY super excited for my next adventure.

Thanks again,
Shels L Pixi Honeysuckle


Just finished a talk with Tanya and Dave from ‘Turn It Up World’ and they have two cats! Not sure if they have videos on that specific topic, but here’s a link to their page…oh wait, the forum isn’t allowing me to add a link as I’m a new user. @letsturnitupworld

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Hi Michelina,

I just started to watch their presentation! I am bummed I missed them!!! They are one of my favorite couples I watch on YouTube. I guess when I have watched them in the past, I miss the part they travel with cats. Thanks for the tip! I will have to watch them more deeper.


Hi Michelina -

I’m also about to hit the road with two cats. I’ve done quite a bit of research. It won’t let me post actual links because I’m new. I don’t know if there’s another way for me to send them to you. I also found a great page on how to harness/leash train your cat if he/she is not (which mine aren’t).

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