Traveling The West and The South Coast of Turkey #vanlife

Hi! We’re Burcin and Erdi, two van lifers from Turkey. We built our van 3 months ago and started to travel the west and the south coast of Turkey.

We’ve been following van life activities all around the world, but couldn’t be sure how to manage it in Turkey for a while. After started to live in a van, we realized that Turkey is such a good country to travel around with a small budget.

Currency in Turkey is such an advantage for those who earn euros or dollars.

1 TL = 0.17 euro = 0.19 dollars (23 Feb 2019)

Food is really affordable. It’s so easy to find fresh-cut fruits and vegetables in local farm markets. Turkish cuisine is so tasty. You can prefer eating out or cooking for yourself in the van. We know it is really important to minimize the costs when you live in a van. Turkey is a great place to manage it.

Turkey has a great history, too. There are ancient cities and ruins all around. You can also discover history while traveling.

I hope the info that we provide helps the people who consider exploring different places. We believe that Van Life is all about exploring and experiencing the new. Enjoy!

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Greetings & Welcome!

Looks like you’re having a great time!


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