Tracey’s Introduction

Hi everyone,
This is my first for every thing related to a van conversion. I just bought a new 2023 ram 2500 promaster 159 with high roof and windows. Right now it is just a shell so I’m ready to learn and get started. I’m planning to do everything that I can on my own. Good luck to me!

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Greetings & Welcome!

When you say shell does that mean an unfinished cargo van with windows, or with a finished interior like a passenger van without the seats? Do the windows open? A huge advantage!

If the interior is finished, keep the floor/walls/ceiling intact, do not gut it. If unfinished you have much more work & expense ahead of you.

Either way I’d suggest you ignore all the promoters, influencers, and their followers. They will only cost you more money and make your life more miserable than it needs to be. The best conversions cost hundreds not thousands of dollars. For $300 I have more comfort, convenience, reliability, and more amenities than most expensive RV’s, just accomplished differently.

I prefer my interiors to be modular, moved in & secured, rather than built in. That way everthing can be quickly removed, rearranged, or used outside the van without duplication. The original interior is intact without a single new screw hole.

Study up on the older, simpler conversions & motorhomes. The self contained ones from before solar panels, computers, and electronics. 40+ years ago they built better and more reliable stuff than this newer mostly Chinese garbage. Nothing essential like heating, cooking, cooling, or refrigeration should require power. While electronics are great for luxuries, they’re a failure for essentials. You want to be able to live in comfort & safety even if the power goes out or the batteries die.

This life can be as cheap, simple & easy as you make it, or as expensive, complicated & miserable as you choose. Personally, I prefer the simple, cheap, easy, comfortable, convenient, & reliable option. Newer or more expensive rarely translates to better. I’ve tried it both ways, and learned the hard, expensive way.

From the blazing heat of summer, to the chills of winter snow, my home on wheels is the most comfortable place I know.


"Opportunities are everywhere, but only action makes it happen." ~ Van_Dweller

Hi you might want to view van life summit for information, it might answer some questions and or lead you in the wright direction,

Also I hope you can get these. Check out Vanclan how to build a camper, 172 pages of information