Toyota Chinook Newport or Omega

Howdy! Fairly new to van life. Although I have spent about 9 months touring West Coast America in a 1989 Dodge Van. This experience is what set the stage for me. Basically realizing all the reasons van life is the way to go. Simultaneously understanding how not to do van life. This time it’s myself, my partner, and my 4 year old daughter. Our home of choice is the rare/vintage Toyota Chinook Newport or Omega. We have been hunting the country for about 6 months for our long lost Chinook. It’s my hopes that we will run across one for sale close to the Oklahoma area. But are willing to travel for the right situation. If you happen to know or run across one of these gems. Please hit me up. We would love to start our build out sooner than later. It’s my hopes to be on the road by the time my daughter turns 7, so we have time. But not as much as you’d imagine :heart_hands:🫸🫷:v::vulcan_salute::call_me_hand:

Below is some of my Chinook art for reference

Greetings & Welcome!

First I have to ask why those in particular? Their double entry door was a pretty undesirable design. Due to this, models from other manufacturers were much more popular, and have weathered the test of time much more successfully.

At any rate you might want to check out:


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Howdy! Funny you point out the double door. You are talking about the Dutch door right? That’s one of my favorite attributes to the build. I am absolutely in love with the shell. I love it’s curves and large windows. We plan on converting the windows up top (bed space) to have even more windows and even popping out the side windows and replacing them with the round boat windows.

As for under the hood. We do plan on beefing it up. But the factory 20R will do just fine, at first. Add a lift kit and that baby will go just about anywhere.

Any additional pointers or recommendations would be amazing.

Below is a watercolor painting I did of the Chinook.

Looking forward to the summit :vulcan_salute: Hope all is well.