Total van weight

During the build process and upon furnishing the van, do I need to go to a weigh station to find out the load?

You 100% you should know what you wieght. You should plan ahead on what you think it will weigh. That total weight includes you, your passengers, all your gear and your fuel.

It’s dangerous to be overweight, that is why they are rated. This is also why you shouldn’t buy a 1500 anf opt for something that can handle a little more weight. It goes quicker than you would think once you start adding things like water at 8lbs per gallon.

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I have ‘21 Crew LWB MR. 2nd row seats out. Completely built out lined with insulation and commercial (Legend) side and ceiling liner , Dometic 75L fridge, w/full 32 gal fuel & 30 gal water tank, fully loaded, and my 200#, I’m 1170# under GVWR. I travel alone so I saved on bed size and cupboard/storage materials. Thoughts?

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I need to figure out the payload capacity correct?

Yes. That would be your ‘GVWR’ Gross Vehicle weight rating.

If necessary, take your rig to a scale, weigh out and subtract that # from your GVWR and that will give you your build weight available. But, imo, I probably wouldn’t exceed over 80% .

That Rating is stamped on your Driver side door and found by doing a VIN search of your vehicle.

I would add that loading your vehicle proportionately side to side and considering your rear axles will give you a safer more stable ride as you put put down the highway.