Total newb preparing to do 6 months full time through winter!

Hi all!

I am a 33f and I have just got back to the UK from Kenya where I have been visiting my partner and stepson for the last 7 months. Writing this post from my enforced hotel quarantine! I am desperate to get back to my family as soon as possible but have had some financial difficulties due to covid.

I am planning on getting the best paying warehouse/factory job I can find with some decent overtime and smashing out some long work weeks and save to be able to go back. While mulling over my accommodation options, a long unrealised dream of mine popped into my head… I have always wanted to convert a van and live in it for a season!

I don’t think I ever really planned to do it in the winter but that’s how it’s worked out. The surf is better in winter anyway! I don’t have the time to do a conversion myself so I have my eye on a van that has already been converted but missing a few things like a leisure battery and I am looking forward to picking everyone on this forum’s brains on getting it ready to brave the depths of winter!

Thanks for reading!

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Greetings & Welcome!

Leisure batteries are a nice luxury, but not necessarily needed. Back when I had solar, my house battery was usually dead, but none of my essential systems needed it anyway. Cooking & heating were fuel powered with no electricity or battery power needed. My ice chest only required ice. I could charge my laptop, phone, and one of those USB power banks while driving using the cigarette lighter output on the dash. I had dollar store puck lights that took AA batteries, also from the dollar store along with a hands free head band light. A $1 pack of batteries would last for over a month.


"Old school, cheap, simple, reliable, and easily replaceable for the win!" ~ Traveler@Heart

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