Tools for a build?


Over the past few weeks my attention has turned to the actual tools I will need to complete the various projects I have lined up.

Most of the work will involve serious amounts of wood in various sizes and I’m no carpenter but I’m fairly confident that I can complete most tasks.

To date, I have a cordless drill and jigsaw and I’m also planning to buy a Mitre saw but yesterday I was looking at a circular saw and I began to wonder if I need both or maybe just one of these items.

I’m not gonna fall into the GAS syndrome so could anyone please advise me on getting basic tools for a build.

I’m also leaning towards using glue and dowels for the majority of the fastening rather than endless screws I’ve been looking at loads of woodworkers on you-tube lately and the consensus is that this is a preferred method.

Any carpenters on here I would love to hear what you guys think

stay safe

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I think you’re on the right track. I’d just combine screws with wood glue - easier and maybe stronger than doing it all with only dowels and glue. For longer straight cuts a table saw is probably better than just a circular saw - see if any of your friends or family has one, but if not you may get away with just a circular saw by using a straight edge of some type to push up against to guide it.



yeah, I’ve not got the room for a table saw unfortunately so I’m gonna have to make do with the mitre I’ve just found a device that allo0ws me to feed long pieces through with supports at both ends.

Yes I will be using screws alongside the dowels.

I’m also looking at the guides that I could make or probably buy as I’m going to need lots of pieces all cut to the same length.

fascinating stuff and I’m really excited with the prospect of getting all this together and making a start first step is investing in proper tools

these are the ones Im looking to purchase . . . .

Are there any makers spaces near you? It might save you a lot of money as it’s just a membership. Some are open 24/7.

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what is a “makers space”?


A maker space, sometimes also called a hacker space, is like renting a shop with all the tools supplied, and possibly tutors or others to show you how to use them, or even help with your project.

Some have specific themes, while others are more generic.


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Hi. I bought two lightweight saw horses and a 50 inch straight bar clamp to use as a guide when I was cutting my large pieces for the walls and ceiling. Worked great with my circular saw.

Menards - Bora® 50" WTX Clamp Edge Guide

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