TN NEWBIE Ready to talk vans

Introduce Yourself…

Glad I found this forum. Seems like there is an ocean of info out there and it’s reassuring to find other builders.

Currently on he hunt for a mid/tall roof Ford Transit or Dodge Promaster.

I’ve done a lot of read on both and from what I’ve gathered it seems the Transits edge out the PM’s as far as reliability goes.

We are looking for to build it weekend warrior style, nothing crazy. Bed, sink, power for small appliances and storage.

I’m a climber and a mountain biker and we will be taking a bunch of road trips in it.

Any broad stroke opinions on models and years to look for?

Thanks y’all.

Greetings & Welcome!

Personally I prefer cheap, older, pre-computerized, pre-euro style, American vans. They’re much better built, drive better, and more reliable.

I also prefer modular no build builds. Move it in & secure it, rearrange as needs change, and easily transferable to a different van if the need arises.

I always recommend full featured campers even for weekenders, and many people have been very happy they followed that advice.

Have you considered rescuing a neglected, no longer wanted RV? They can be found in excellent shape, just filthy on the outside, but nice inside, and with low miles. Usually been parked for a few years. I like to buy them for under $1,000 then put new tires, hoses, & belts on them, clean them up, and have a beautiful, low mileage, roadworthy, reliable RV with all the comforts of home, for under $2,000 all in. Buy today, & move in tomorrow or the next day.


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