TinyWattsSolar kits

I am looking to build out a van and want to put in a top-of-the-line solar power solution.

I came across tiny watts solar kits (new users can’t put up urls/links) and think it’s a great solution, but it seems a bit pricey, and I wonder if there’s a better route. I like the idea of dropping something in that’s fully ready and professionally put together - but $26,745.00 is a lot of bread, and I’m wondering if it’s the best use of my budget.

I’ve also come across kits from Eco Flo that look easy to install.

On the tiny watts, I am wondering how much a kit like that would cost if I built it out myself and paid a consultant to assist.

Any insight would be helpful. Thanks!

So many variables when it comes to cost of a solar power set-up

What wattage are you aiming for?

And have you already got a charge controller, leisure battery, and inverter??

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We need to start at the top by determining what you want to power, and then work from there.

Most of us find that it is best to be very power frugal, instead of having big complicated and expensive power setups. We run everything possible using fuel instead of electricity, because it’s far easier to conserve power than to create more of it.


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