Time to Start a New Adventure

Hi everyone!

I’m Ari, and still looking for the right van. I am starting over in life, and will be scraping together pennies for the first while, and so I thought vanlife offered some unique possibilities. I am excited and a little anxious about everything and wanted to get some advice and helpful information if possible.

I’m going to be living in Florida, and I’m particularly intimidated by finding a place to park, being a solo female. Does anyone have any advice or ideas they can share? I have also not bought a van yet (for a number of reasons), so any help in where to look for one is greatly appreciated. I have been researching for several months now, but the time is coming up fast! Within the next month I will need to adapt. I do have a mattress for the back seat of my truck, if worse comes to worst.

I will have a permanent location for the time being, so I would guess getting started will be the hardest part! Happy to have found this community, and look forward to getting to know everyone.