Thoughts on blown-in insulation? Pros and cons?

I’ve heard pros and cons from both sides…I’d appreciate some insight and/or to hear what others think might be the pros and cons. . .

As an FYI, almost 2" of space sits between the exterior metal wall and the interior wood paneling on each side…based on a reduction of interior van width size from 70.5" to 66".

Thanks in advance…


Blown in insulation comes in many different varieties…

Basically insulation works by creating & holding a dead air space. While insulation might be slightly more efficient, I have only the dead air space that came from the factory in mine, and I’ve wintered down to -60°F, and summered up to 120°F+, all comfortably with appropriate climate control.

Insulation alone only works when you really don’t need it to begin with. It doesn’t add either heating or cooling, it merely slightly slows the heat gain/loss. I prefer the sun/shade method over insulation. When I had a heavily insulated van, in hot weather it would take until 3-4am to cool down enough to sleep, in my uninsulated van I can cool it down within minutes. That makes a huge difference for me.


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