The Van Guys Project


Hey everyone! We are Manu & David.

A week ago we bought our van, so we’re pretty new to being actual vanlifers - but we’ve been following for a long time! At the moment, Tara, as we’ve named her, is a bit old, a bit dirty and has some failures, but despite that, in a few months she will be our home.

It will be a few months of hard work, sweat and money invested, but I’m sure it will be incredible! We’re so excited to get going and become part of this incredible community.

David is a social media marketer and website content manager. Manu is a photographer, graphic designer & web designer. Together we make a pretty good digital team! :smile:

Looking forward to getting to know you all!

David & Manu
IG: @thevanguysproject
Facebook: /thevanguysproject

Here we are with our baby:


Looks like you guys got everything you need to run a successful online business! :+1:
What specific aspect of social media marketing do you guys specialize in, if you don’t mind me asking?


We do a bit of everything really. We really like to focus on brand development and engagement. But our strength is in paid ads, we have a lot of success with these, our cost per results are usually pretty good! :smile::smile:


Do you guys do work for clients? or only for yourselfs?


We do it for clients mostly, on a freelance basis - a lot of odd jobs in the past but we’re getting some regular clients now. We’re hoping that with a few more it can fund our life on the road! :smile: If you’re ever looking for some help you know where to find us!


Of course :blush:
We bookmarked your reply so we can easily find you!