The standard heights to build bed platform with a garage underneath

Hey gang, this is Sherita starting my van life! I got 2006 dodge sprinter 158 I will be building a bed platform with a garage underneath. I was wondering what is the standard sizes for my bed to be in the air? Any ideas?thanx bunches!! 🫶🏾

I don’t have an answer but good luck with your build! So exciting right! :slight_smile:

Greetings & Welcome!

I would consider 2 factors… First & foremost for me is accessibility, and whether I can sit up straight while in bed. I don’t want steps or a ladder to get in & out of bed.

My second consideration would be the size/height of the items I want to put under the bed, and whether there is any better way to store them.

For me it’s all about comfort & convenience…


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What ever height you want to fit your personal items below, I have seen everything from a bed high enough to store bikes below to bunk beds. I made my bed full size dimensions so regular size sheets will fit, and Generator, 6 gal.water container, batteries. and storage cases underneath. Just tried our new electric blanket last weekend at the Freeze for All Van Fest in Fl. . Worked Fantastic! Probably around 500 vans on a beautiful ranch with plenty of room, great time!


Ahh! So you did go! I asked you on another thread. Like some of the kids say, I’m so jelly!! How was it?
Thanks for posting photos. It looks great!

Yeah, we went for it. Great time, beautiful well kept grounds acres and acres of oak meadows along the Withlacoochie River. Family oriented sort of like Woodstock meets Mad Max Thunderdome, lol. Folks from all over, Utah, Idaho, Ca, Az, RI, Pa, NY, Tx, Minn, Vt. Probably around 500 Vans, Vendors, Swap meet, FREE BEER! Zero issues, everyone was so friendly. Definitely out in the boonies, loved it.

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