'The Real Nomadland' documentary series for UK TV looking for people to tell their story

I am a producer/director, for Renegade Pictures in the UK. For the past ten years, we have been making a beautiful television series called New Lives in the Wild. Our host, spends time with people who have chosen a different path in life, often off-grid in some of the most remote places in the world, where he immerses himself in their lifestyle. The episodes are extraordinary profile films, a celebration of our choices and how life works for different people. The series now airs in 70 territories and is known internationally as Where The Wild Men Are.

Having seen Nomadland we realized how many scenes and conversations mirrors so much of the brilliant people and their circumstances that we have filmed and experienced in recent years. Channel 4 in the UK have now asked us to make a two-episode special where we visit with several ‘nomads’/vehicle dwellers in the US. Not just those of retirement age, or workampers, but the whole gamut of ages with strong, varied motivations for vehicle living full time and interesting backstories. It would mean taking up 2-3 days of your time in late August / early September. Please contact me for additional information if you are interested in participating and telling your unique story!

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Renegade Pictures are passionate film makers who take great pride in crafting shows we really care about. Our productions include documentary series The Nick, the heart-warming Our Yorkshire Farm and the BAFTA nominated The Tribe; global format hits Don’t Tell The Bride, Ben Fogle: New Lives In The Wild and Car SOS; specialist factual treats like Ice Age: Return of the Mammoth (Lost Beasts Of The Ice Age), Nature’s Turtle Nursery: Secrets from the Nest and Ben Fogle: The Great African Migration and compelling human stories in Lost at Sea and The Insomniacs.

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Greetings & Welcome!

Greetings, welcome, & best wishes for your project.


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I would like to be apart if this, please email me odduseephotography@gmail.com

Have you investigated the arts community in Slab City, California called East Jesus? (NOT religious, by the way.) Van folks go through there and the entire place is very much the real nomad land. My husband built a shelter/camp for our VW Westy van and we lived there for two winters, contributing to the community. You’ll find youtubes regarding EJ and its art and residents. best, Kit

Hello, it is actually very funny you mention that but I will be in Slab next week! Completely different show but there’s a lot of cross over with this one! Will be visiting EJ. Thank you so much for getting in touch.

It’s really great place to go it you like garbage and people burning it near you. Bombay beach is right near there and has some similar art. Also a fairly derelict community feel.