The Magic Bus, more characters

I have a 1952 White Motor Company bus, survivor. I bought it a while ago thinking I’d convert it and never did. Classic story of just too many projects.

Long story short it runs and drives fine, I’d like to see it go to someone who’s gong to do it right.

She’s solid as a rock. Diesel, climbs trees, not particularly fast LOL. !

No idea if it’s cool to sell stuff on the forum but :wink:

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Imagine Yellowstone National Parks Tour busses. the antique ones. Now imagine their big brother, 33’ full size bus, all original.

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Like this?



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No that’s not it, but odd that is says White on the caption. White only made 14 full size busses as experimental for the US National Park Service. I have #13

Lets see if this thing will let me adda photo today

E gads it worked. I’m on a roll, how about another shot :wink:

It’s got a 10sp manual Fuller split tranny and a Detroit 4-53 screamer in it. Blown and turbo’d Mountains of power, not real fast. I’ve driven it cross country several times :wink:

The body was built by Beck and sold to White as these were demonstrators for the park service. White put the bodies on White drive trains but the park didn’t like the White Mustang engines, so they pulled them out and installed the diesels.


Ahhhhh… The buses of yesteryear… I’ve always liked the style, and if I ever quit traveling, I could see myself living in one at a park somewhere. Several of my long time friends have old Crown buses. One is all teak inside, and one is all mahogany. Another, I think might be birch.

While I don’t really care for the wood a lot of people use now days, boy those old buses are breathtaking. A forgotten age of craftsmanship, quality, and beauty. Some of the vintage house trailers were works of art originally too. I love the craftsmanship of the bygone era’s. Nothing like the cheap and chintzy stuff made today.


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