The Fridge For A Small Space

I have been looking for a mini-fridge. The one I have right now is a cooluli. It’s good for short trips. But in the future, my trips are going to be longer. Right now I only refrigerate milk, creamer and butter. I actually like to leave the butter out. The cooluli has eco-mode and takes up very minimal space. I would like a new one in the future for the little extras, like cheese, mayo, etc. The space I have available is 15in high, 22 in wide and 14 in front to back. I have been researching this one a while. I would like it to be 12v and use very little power. Open from the top. So many options! I hate using ice because the water somehow finds its way into the tupperware and baggies. I have even tried doubling up at times. I have gotten sick from not looking closely! Yuck! Kids and husband don’t close them all the way either! LOL Ill save the ice chest for the beer!


I’m not sure there’s any such thing as a 12v fridge that uses very little power…

I keep my ice in a separate container, and my food never gets wet.


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