The first EV with a lithium-free sodium battery hits the road in January


While I have never been a supporter of lithium batteries due to both safety & their finicky nature, holding out for better & safer technology, we are finally going to see better with sodium-ion batteries. Not only are they cheaper than lithium, they are also not as temperamental to different temperatures.

While I have never believed in the fallacy that “Newer is Better”, and always believed that only better is better, it looks like perhaps technology is improving. While only time will tell if these sodium-ion batteries are truly better, I’m happy to see that we are in fact working on better tech than lithium.

The first full production run of sodium-ion battery powered vehicles is scheduled to hit the market next month, and here’s an article about it:

I would suggest people quit investing in lithium batteries, and wait to see where these new technologies take us. Too many people are having too many problems with lithium batteries. I’m sticking with tried & proven lead acid batteries until some newer technology actually proves itself better, and I suggest others do the same.

These new batteries are supposed to be both safer & cheaper, but there are other technologies in the works too. Hopefully we’re in for a big win in the near future…


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