The EUdventure: 2 best friends on european roads

Introduce Yourself…

Hi everyone !

First of all, I’m really pleased and happy about joining this forum! I am actually talking on behalf because my best friend and I are forming a team. Max & Eliot. We will open wide our ears and eyes to get any pieces of advice or tips we can find here. And I am sure projectvanlife is full of it outta here.
We are also I guess taking part of the youngest of the forum. :smile: (22 yo both)

We are at the very beginning of our project, still, the pressure slowly starts to grow. The purchase of the van is planned for mid-June… :weary:

On another hand, we want to give an eco-friendly/responsible sense to our adventure by doing a trash hunt. Each time we’ll go camping or trecking or biking or kayaking and for sure places where we will park for nights, we’ll chase every single trash in our area. Then we will record the amount racked up and finally throw of them in local landfills. We are conscious that it is a small action from our window but let’s imagine if we were all taking the time for that in our different tours :upside_down_face:

We can’t wait to go further in this adventure and we can’t wait to help you guys and to get your future advises.

Lots of love !

Greetings& Welcome!

Cleaning up after others is a never ending and usually thankless job, but it does make a difference, and the more of us who do it the better.

We need more people like us, many more.


"Be the reason someone smiles today!" ~ Van_Dweller

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