THANK YOU! Project Van Life Summit

Organizers, Presenters, and Participants for the time and effort invested to put on such a great event!
In appreciation I have purchased the All Access Pass (consider it my contribution to the cause). I don’t know how the funds are distributed, but my hope is that they are shared amongst those who contributed, and to help support those “living the dream”. I would encourage anyone reading this who can afford to, to purchase an All Access Pass in support of this organization, and community.
I am a lifelong camper, and the current owner of a vintage RoadTrek D190P. This is my first post on this forum. I’m looking forward to sharing my future, and past 50+ years of adventures, and reading about yours’.


Wow 50 years on the road!? Impressive! Hey you have many stories! Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Val, I have been an RV owner (of every type) for 50+ years. In that time I’ve had my share of adventures, and have learned a little about camping, and RV maintenance in the process. I’m NOT a full timer. I don’t want to mislead anyone in that regard.

Ah ha no worries … Still impressive :wink: :+1: