Texas Eclipse Fest

I asked before, but its approaching so just seeing if any of yall will be out at the Texas Eclipse Fest and wanna meet up


Where in Texas are you thinking?

The big 30000 person festival thats happening.

Certain counties have already declared a state of emergency. Please be safe.

About what? What state of emergency?

influx of people, not enough resources.


I read countries hahaha

Yeah, its gonna be a shitshow

But a super fun shit show. Im from Austin so its like 2 hours from me so ill have all my supplies way ahead of time

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Its the same people throwing it that did Oregon in 2017, and i imagine they learned from that. Cell service went down, they couldnt acan peoples tickets… all kinds of stuff.

But. This worldwide gathering of the top 7 festivals in the world doesnt happen often. In fact i believe this is the last time itll be held in the US for quite some time