Texas Domicile Mailbox Svc Question

I want to make TX my domicile in a location as close to I-40 as I can. I wanted to go with Escapees but they only give addresses in the county of Livingston, TX, which is far south. Am considering the Amarillo area or Dallas suburbs.

Can’t I choose any mailbox svc with a location that I want and do my own vehicle registration and join city svcs (libraries, voter registration) on my own? Or do I have to get a special mailbox svc, like Escapees, that helps establish residency?

Of course, I’d have to make sure that the mailbox svc supplies an address that will not cause me trouble with my bank and Paypal. My bank corporate offices are in The Woodlands, TX so maybe that will help.

You could also try texashomebase.com
Not sure how they operate. Most of these are all basically Mail fwd services and offer steps on intent to establish residency. Good luck. Please post back as I may be doing similar next year.

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I won’t be moving out of my senior apt and making my move to ft until late spring/early summer also. Will be getting my mailbox then. I will look into Texas Home Base. As long as they provide svc in northern TX, they will be an option. I was considering SD but it’s just too far away from the area where I want to be. Thanks so much!

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They’re in Wichita Falls, TX and I forgot I’d looked at them. I’d have to make my residency in that county. After being ft for awhile, I’m planning to eventually make my home base where my mailbox svcs are, so I have to be careful where I do that. While Wichita Falls is in northern TX, unfortunately, I don’t want to go to that town.

I’m now considering SD for my domicile. It’s so much easier to establish residency there. The summer weather is nice and there’s great winter weather snow if I want to stay sometimes and not snowbird.