Tall prospective vanlifer

Hi there,
My biggest issue at the moment is figuring out which vans or minibuses I can get and still be able to stand up in. I’m 6ft4 and I know there are vans out there that I could fit in (some new sprinters) but minibuses?
I’d also have to allow a little for insulation…
So does anyone know of any makes and models that are at least 6ft4 that I should be looking at? The Internet is surprisingly low on dimension info…
I’m UK based.


I think your best bet would be a bus or a van with a pop top.

You should also keep in mind that you will also be needing a much longer bed. So i definitely think a bus would be the best option.

Hey there I’m 6’3" and in here to tell you, good luck. Even most buses and RVs are too short. I ended up with an e450 shuttle bus. Standing height is about 6’4" and the insulation can be done without wasting valuable inches (room for 2" xps in ceiling between ribs, and space to insulate from beneath, walls are another story tho). I share this space with my wife and 60lb dog. It’s about perfect for us, but it might be a bit over the top of you’re solo. The e350s of these are typically about 6’2" inside, unfortunately.

There only van you’re going to be standing up straight in is the super tall-box high top ones (think hospital shuttles, not conversion vans). Maybe a sportmobile pop top, but you will never be happy in Westfalia, trust me. Box trucks could be a solid option. They come in lots of sizes but they’re all pretty tall. As far as RVs and trailers, anybody’s guess.

Once you have some ideas of what you want, get on Craigslist and find some examples. Message the sellers and ask them to measure the standing height for you. Even if your aren’t ready to buy. Just so know what you’re shopping for.

Good luck to you. Being tall is definitely a burden in this lifestyle but if you shop carefully, your can definitely pull it off. Happy hunting!

I just noticed that you said you’re UK based, so my specifics won’t be right for you. Sorry. You’ll probably have an even harder time over there. Still, bugging people on Craigslist is probably the best way to get the standing height dimensions.


I’m in the USA, but most of the Class C’s here (van front motorhome) would have standing room for you I believe. Worth checking them out, and could save you a bunch over converting one yourself.


I am 6’ and I have to sleep diagonal in my Eurovan weekender. Standing is nonissue when the roof is popped. The headroom there is around 8’.

There are extended versions of vans out there including the ford ecolnoline’s. These vans have perhaps the most common parts in the states, so if you have any issues, just get them shipped on over.

Transit high roof is 81" tall. Here’s a comparo.