T3 with or without syncro


Hi everybody!
Im thinking about buying Volkswagen t3. I’d like to ask if somebody has any experience with vw, because I’m not sure if it’s worth to spend much more money for version with syncro. Will it make much difference? I wonder about driving through mountains, mostly about Alps, because I’m from Europe (asphalt roads, not gravel ones). Will such small engine be able to drive on sloppy roads without syncro? In the end I’d like to add that it will be my first car so I would prefer cheaper option :smiley:


How much are you getting it for?

Everybody wants cheaper, but sometimes cheaper versions are the ones that end up being unreliable. NOT all the time but sometimes. So when you do go to buy it make sure you search up “common problems with Volkswagen T3” on google.
That way you know what problems to look for, and what should concern you.


I’ve got an 82 vanagon (non-syncro) and she gets me pretty much everywhere. Sycros are usually double RWD (here in the states) My advice is if you have the money to spend on a syncro, go for it. Especially if planning on a lot of off road adventures. If not going with the syncro, find a later year vanagon so you don’t have any cooling issues like the early ones have.


Although I probably am still a couple years away from buying my van this is the same direction I’m heading in choice. I would love to drive a Syncro, but depending on there condition they can add another 5-10k € to the pricetag, which I might not be able or willing to pay…
I would love to hear some first hand advice from those vanagon and system drivers out there!


I want to buy it from Germany, and as I was checking the prices - without syncro it costs around 10K vs 20K for syncro one. So it is huge difference.

I can see that you have air-cooled version. Am I right? Do you have lots of issues with this system?
The second part is that I’m a little bit scared of buying car with such small engine, because i’m Not really sure that it will be able to drive on sloppy roads with so much things inside. They have around 70 HP so it seems pretty small for camper, but as I can assume its not a big deal. :rofl:


I wouldn’t worry about the syncro. Ive had my standard 2wd van for ages and never had an issue. If your in Europe and nit going massively offroad. Save the money and by and normal van.
Just my opinion.


Thanks for straightforward reply! :smiley:
Which version of vanagon do you have?


Mine is an 86 panel van.